Our Story

Little Luxuries strongly believes that when dealing with big issues in life, little acts of kindness can make huge differences.

Based off of a one for one model, Little Luxuries sells handmade, one of a kind bracelets. For every bracelet sold, one is gifted to a cancer fighter or a cancer survivor.

In 2009, I lost my best friend and boyfriend Anthony J. Holt to melanoma. For two years before his passing I was a caregiver to Anthony, learning and gaining insight of the harsh realities one, along with their family and friends, faces once diagnosed with cancer. Due to Anthony and my young ages, (Anthony 23 at the time of diagnoses and me 20), one of the harsh realities was that many of our friends stayed at bay, not knowing how to deal with surgeries, tests, treatments, doctors appointments along with all of the other grueling day to day activities.

As a result, an isolated feeling was just another thing to deal with. When friends did reach out, make an effort to show support and love, their little acts really did make a world of difference. In walking away from my experience, it hurt me to imagine someone going through such a difficult time without an abundance of love, support and comfort. In order to live a productive and happy life after Anthony’s passing, I was determined to come up with some sort of way to show others who were fighting cancer that there are people out there (strangers or not) who are sending support, love, positive thoughts and prayers their way. Through this, The Gift By LL was created to honor the inspiring individuals who are fighting and who have fought the brave battle against cancer.